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§  Day 1– 5 October 2015

International and regional NeuroAIDS

08:00-08:30   Registration

08:30-08:40     Welcoming remarks- Cristiana Oprea, Cristian Achim


Session 1      Neurocognitive evaluation from clinical studies to "real-word" assessment

Chairs:         Cristian Achim, Adrian Streinu-Cercel

08:40-09:05     How to identify research opportunities and approach NIMH  sponsored research programs Dr. Jeymohan Joseph- NIMH, USA

09:05-09:30     Neurocognitive testing  Dr. Thomas Marcotte –HNRC San Diego, USA

09:30-09:55     Romanian National Neurocognitive Screening Program: Prof. Adrian Streinu Cercel & Psy. Odette Chirila- INBI Bals, Bucharest, Romania

09:55-10:20     Prevalence of NCI in NetherlandsDr. Judith Schouten – Amsterdam Netherlands

10:20-10:45     Discussion

10:45- 11:15    Coffee break


Session 2      Impact of ageing on the brain

Chairs:         Jeymohan Joseph, Andrea Antinori

11:15-11:40     Surveillance of children perinatally exposed to HIV. Interim results from The National Registry of pregnant women infected with HIV and of perinatally exposed children Dr. Mariana Mardarescu, INBI Bals, Bucharest, Romania

11:40-12:05     Accelerated ageing in young adults infected with HIV since childhood ? - Dr. Ruxandra Burlacu, Paris, France

12:05-12:30     Ageing and the HIV patient brain – a clinical perspective – Mike Youle, London UK

12:30-12:55     HIV brain infection and Alzheimer’s disease: what is common, what is different? Prof. Bogdan Popescu, . Colentina Hospital, Bucharest, Romania

12:55 – 14:30 Lunch


Session 3      Drug-abuse related brain damage in HIV-infected patients

14:30-15:30    Panel discussion- Moderator Mike Youle: Andrei Varghes Sf Stelian Bucharest, Romania - Nora Turjanski Royal Free, UK – Thomas Marcotte HNRP US, Cristiana Oprea VBH,


Session 4      Clinical cases session –part 1 (case reports 10 min + 5 min discussion)

Chairs:         Ronald Ellis, Cristiana Oprea

15:30- 16:30    4 case reports (will be selected after 15 Sept)

16:30- 17:00    Coffee break

Session 5      Clinical cases session –part 2  (case reports 10 min + 5 min discussion)

Chairs:         Paola Cinque, Bogdan Popescu

17:00-18:00     4 case reports (will be selected after 15 Sept)

19:00-21:00     Dinner Novotel

Day 2 – 6 October 2015

Neurocognitive impairment related to HIV and comorbidities

Session 6      Clinical cases session –part 3 (case reports 10 min + 5 min discussion)

Chairs:         Arjan Harxhi, Mike Youle

08:15-09:30     4 case reports (will be selected after 15 Sept)

09:30-10:15     Coffee break


Session 7      HIV is not lonely in the brain

Chairs:         Simona Ruta, Ignacio Pérez Valero

10:15-10:40     PML old and new-  Dr. Paola Cinque, Milan, Italy

10:40-11:05     CNS IRIS – the evil side of cART? Dr.Ruxandra Moroti & Dr. Adriana Hristea Bucharest INBI Bals, Bucharest, Romania

11:05-11:30     Opportunistic infections in the era of cART- still a problem in resource-limited settings Dr.Cristiana Oprea- VBH, Bucharest, Romania

11:30-12:00     Challenges to HIV eradication in the brain  Prof. Ronald Ellis- HNRC, USA

12:00-12:25     Latent  Toxoplasma infection is associated with neurocognitive impairment in young adults with  chronic HIV infection from Romania Dr. Luminita Ene- SVB Bucharest, Romania

12:25-14:00     Lunch

Session 8      Virology & brain pathology  session

Chairs:         Andrej Horban, Judith Schouten

14:00- 14: 25  The cellular miRNA 29A expression as a potential marker for neurocognitive impairment in HIV infected patients Prof. Simona Ruta- IVN Bucharest, Romania

14:25: 14:50    CSF HIV Escape: Myth or Reallity Dr.Ignacio Pérez Valero – Madrid Spain

14:50-15:15     HIV superinfection in IDU’s Dr. Simona Paraschiv INBI Romania

15:15-15:40     Brain vascular disease in the HAART era Prof. Cristian Achim-HNRC San Diego, USA

15:40-16:10     Coffee break

Session 9      Short interventions (10 min+ 5 min discussion) from local investigators on NeuroAIDS/ comorbidities topic

Chairs:         Luminita Ene, Odette Chirila

16:10-16:25     The incidence of and risk factors for HIV-associated cognitive-motor complex in HIV/AIDS patients: Belgrade Cohort- Prof. Gordana Dragovic

16:25-16:40     Neuropsychological assessment in HIV/AIDS and its challenges in Galati County Dr. Manuela Arbune- Galati Romania

16:40-16:55     Assessment of everyday functioning in young adults infected with HIV since childhood -  Psy Anca Luca Bucharest, Romania

Special intervention:

16:55-17:30     A patient perspective on neurocognitive impairment   Robin JUSTRI & Cristina Romania

17:30-18:00     Closing remarks- Luminita Ene, Cristian Achim

“Dan Duiculescu Award for the Best Clinical case presentation”